Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher

Reknowned religuous studies scholar and author of the book Zealot, Reza Aslan joins Moshe, Maz Jobrani and Ian Karmel as we delve into Islamophobia, Jesus and pretending to be Mexican. It's almost important!

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This installment of the Hound Tall Discussion Series is brought to you by DEATH!! That scary specter clicking its bony fingers together, waiting for us all. This months expert is Catlin Doughty mortician, crematorium techincian and author of the new book Smoke Gets in Your Eyes a memoir about her experience in the crematory trenches and advocating for death acceptance. Comedian guests are Kumail Nanjiani (HBO's Silicon Valley) and Chelsea Peretti (Fox's Brooklyn 99). Its a hilarious and often disturbing look at our own mortality!

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You guys did so good at listening and subscribing and stuff that we decided to drop another episode TWO WEEKS EARLY!! Expert Christopher Ryan (author of the best seller Sex At Dawn) joins us to discuss Polyamory, its roots in our primate ancestors and the shape of a monkey penis. Comedians Nick Kroll and Nikki Glaser join the panel as well and we rate each other's jokes, make sexually crude comments and find out who has played cum on the cracker. It's a hilarious, fascinating episode!

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For the inaugural episode of Hound Tall, Moshe and guests Pete Holmes and Beth Stelling discuss life in the harmen of the Sultan of Brunei with expert,  Jillian Lauren (Author of Some Girls, My Life In A Harem). It get creepy and sexy.

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