Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher

Daniel Kucan is a lifetime martial artist. He’s fought around the world and wrote a book called full contact about his craziest fights. He joins us to tell a few of those tales and it’s insane. With comics Jon Daly, Louis Katz, and Lara Beitz.

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Yanjaa Wintersoul Westgate joins us to discuss the memory, how it works and how you can make it much better than you ever imagined. With comics Joe Mande, Subhah Agarwal and Brent Sullivan.

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Comedian Monty Franklin is a very lucky very Australian man. Abducted in Mexico, he barely escaped with his life. What could be funnier than that? Comic Panelists: Megan Gailey, Ron Funches, and the Sklar Bros.

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Dr. Nicole Prause studies orgasms for a living she also studies a darker facet of orgasms which is sex addiction. Orgasms are real but is sex addiction? Certainly there is a compulsive sexual behavior but does it actually qualify as an addiction? It’s complicated but that’s what we’re discussing on this episode joining us are comedians Brian Huskey Joe Derosa and Sabrina Jalees.

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Hawking is one of the oldest and oddest forms of hunting. It involves a live hawk, a gauntlet, and an abduction. How do you teach a hawk to hunt for you? How do you teach it to return? How do you ensure it doesn't claw your eyes out? Explaining all this is professional Hawker, Adam Baz (IG: @hawkonhand) along with comics, Emily Heller, Mike Lawrence, and Andrew Michaan. It's so much weirder than you think.

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Pirates! Who were they? How and why did they exist? Did they actually say "Landlubber?" These questions and more are answered on this episode examining the history of Caribbean Piracy. With Pirate historian, Dr. Rebecca Simon and comics Rory Skovel, Jacqueline Novak and Langston Kerman.

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Time and decisions with UCLA Professor Hal Hershfield and comics Riki Lindhome, Natasha Leggero, and Amy Miller!
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How did it happen? What led us there and what are the factors that allowed one brother to turn on another brother and kill him with a very long gun? Professor Stuart Davenport joins us to discuss the Civil War, it’s history, how it started, how it ended and its aftermath in this country. Also joining are comedians Colton Dunn Caitlin Gill and Nick Thune.

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Bonus Episode! Live from San Fransisco's Sketchfest, we break down how to have sex that is consensual, fun and filthy.  A how-to on pegging may be included. With Allison Moon, author of “girl sex 101” and comics Michael Ian Black, Aparna Nancherla, Andy Kindler and Natasha muse. 

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The history of the happiest place on earth. It's secrets and it's magic.  with LA Magazine's Chris Nichols and comics Steve Agee, Kurt Brounholer and Bridey Elliott 

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