Hound Tall with Moshe Kasher (general)

After an extended hiatus- we are back to talk about the brain! Dr. Phillip Stenquist from UCLA's Neurocognitive Laboratory discuses brain damage, plasticity and more- with comic panelists: Mayim Bialik, Colton Dunn and Daniel Van Kirk.

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Daniel Kucan is a lifetime martial artist. He’s fought around the world and wrote a book called full contact about his craziest fights. He joins us to tell a few of those tales and it’s insane. With comics Jon Daly, Louis Katz, and Lara Beitz.

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Yanjaa Wintersoul Westgate joins us to discuss the memory, how it works and how you can make it much better than you ever imagined. With comics Joe Mande, Subhah Agarwal and Brent Sullivan.

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Comedian Monty Franklin is a very lucky very Australian man. Abducted in Mexico, he barely escaped with his life. What could be funnier than that? Comic Panelists: Megan Gailey, Ron Funches, and the Sklar Bros.

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Dr. Nicole Prause studies orgasms for a living she also studies a darker facet of orgasms which is sex addiction. Orgasms are real but is sex addiction? Certainly there is a compulsive sexual behavior but does it actually qualify as an addiction? It’s complicated but that’s what we’re discussing on this episode joining us are comedians Brian Huskey Joe Derosa and Sabrina Jalees.

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Hawking is one of the oldest and oddest forms of hunting. It involves a live hawk, a gauntlet, and an abduction. How do you teach a hawk to hunt for you? How do you teach it to return? How do you ensure it doesn't claw your eyes out? Explaining all this is professional Hawker, Adam Baz (IG: @hawkonhand) along with comics, Emily Heller, Mike Lawrence, and Andrew Michaan. It's so much weirder than you think.

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Pirates! Who were they? How and why did they exist? Did they actually say "Landlubber?" These questions and more are answered on this episode examining the history of Caribbean Piracy. With Pirate historian, Dr. Rebecca Simon and comics Rory Skovel, Jacqueline Novak and Langston Kerman.

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Time and decisions with UCLA Professor Hal Hershfield and comics Riki Lindhome, Natasha Leggero, and Amy Miller!
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How did it happen? What led us there and what are the factors that allowed one brother to turn on another brother and kill him with a very long gun? Professor Stuart Davenport joins us to discuss the Civil War, it’s history, how it started, how it ended and its aftermath in this country. Also joining are comedians Colton Dunn Caitlin Gill and Nick Thune.

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Bonus Episode! Live from San Fransisco's Sketchfest, we break down how to have sex that is consensual, fun and filthy.  A how-to on pegging may be included. With Allison Moon, author of “girl sex 101” and comics Michael Ian Black, Aparna Nancherla, Andy Kindler and Natasha muse. 

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The history of the happiest place on earth. It's secrets and it's magic.  with LA Magazine's Chris Nichols and comics Steve Agee, Kurt Brounholer and Bridey Elliott 

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Ventriloquism is polarizing. People think it's corny but it also sells more tickets than any other form of comedy. Professor Sarah Kessler from USC's Annenberg School of Communications has spent her life studying the art form and the philosophy behind it. Our conversation spans from the Oracle at Delphi to Jeff Dunham. With Comedic guests: Max Silvestri, Annie Lederman and Kaseem Bentley.

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The Corporation has fought the most successful fight for its own civil rights of any group in American history. So successful in fact that it has now taken over parts of the apparatus that granted those rights; The American government. Professor Adam Winkler from UCLA's Law School and author of "We the Corporations" joins us to explain how along with comics: Guy Brannum, Yassir Lester, and Mary Houlihan.

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Every hospital in the country has a professional ethicist on staff to help with decision making so high stakes, it requires a philosopher to figure out the right thing to do. Andy Kondrat is one such philosopher and works at a major hospital that has requested it be left unnamed. We will discuss what the job is and the kind of life or death decisions he has to help make. With comics Natasha Leggero, Brent Weinbach and Joe Derosa

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The Grateful Dead is one of the most iconic rock bands in history. We sit down to discuss their legacy, their infamy and what its like to be a Deadhead. With Taylor Swope, and comics Natasha Leggero, Brett Gelman and Brendon Walsh.

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Sorry for the delay folks. We are back with a talk about sex worker's labor rights and the war on sex work. With USC Professor Heather Berg, Conner Habib, Guy Brannum and Kara Klenk. It gets deep and sexy and kinda marxist too.

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UFOS! Are they real? Have they visited us? Are we alone in the universe? By the end of this podcast you may believe! The truth is in here. Ufologist Ryan Sprague makes a case that UFOs have been here many times. Joining us are comic guests: Kumail Nanjiani, Emily Gordon and Aisling Bea.

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In honor of 420 we are discussing weeeeeeed. Its been legal in California for three months so what is the lay of the land now? What is the future of pot to bring? What is the best tree in northern California to smoke a bong out of.... With Comic/Expert/Stoner Ngaio Bealum and Jon Daly, Emily Heller and Caitlin Gill Smoke up and download!

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How hormones effect the choices women make. Do women date assholes because of evolution? Is the biological clock real? How much do strippers on the pill earn? What's a second dick? All these questions and more are answered. With Dr. Martie Haselton UCLA evolutionary physiologist and author of the book, “Hormonal” and comics: Jessi Klien (Inside Amy Schumer), Jamie Lee (Crashing) and Riley Silverman (Take My Wife).

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Imagine moving to Syria to fight ISIS with a Kurdish militia. You can’t? Well Brace Belden did just that and explains what the fuck he was thinking. With comedic guests: Janeane Garofalo, Todd Barry and Michelle Buteau. Recorded live at SF Sketchfest. 

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The top science stories of 2017. Crspr! Artificial Wombs! Eclipses! Wild Fires! The seven words you can't say at the EPA! With returning guest expert Cara Santa Maria and comics Natasha Leggero, Joe Mande and Noah Garfinkel enjoy and pray that 2018 is a better year for science...

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Comedians Felipe Esparza, Brent Weinbach and Nikki Glaser join Moshe to talk to Los Angeles Magazine's Chris Nichols about the fleeting beauty of Los Angeles, it's history and the invention of fast food.

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Moshe is joined by Big Herc from the "Fresh Out" series on youtube to discuss what life in prison is like. Herc spent more than a decate in prison for bank robbery and now makes a show where he answers peoples questions about the realities of life on the inside. Hint: avoid getting  your wig split or your cheeks busted. Comics Jonah Ray, Baron Vaughn and Barbara Gray join too. It's funny , fascinating and at times brutal. Listen and split your sides not your wig!

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The history and origin of comic books. How disempowered jewish immigrant kids changed the realms of fantasy forever. With comic book writer Adam Beechen from DC Comics and comedians Mike Lawrence and Jay Larson.

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This month we talk asteroids and how to prevent them from destroying human life! Joining us is Farah Alibay, and comics Brent Weinbach, Matt Kirshen and Eliza Skinner. All the mysteries of the Jet Propulsion Lab revealed!


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Time Travel! Or the philisophical theoretics of it. UCLA Philosophy professor Katie Elliott joins the show to discuss, if a time machine did actually exist- would it even be possible to travel through time? Comedians Kurt Braunohler and Nate Bargatze help make sense and make fun of a truly mind bending episode. And they find out once and for all if they could actually travel back in time and kill Hitler.
Stick around after the episode for a bonus reading from Moshe and Natasha Leggero of the short story Professor Elliott talks about in the discussion.
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Is non-violence the solution to oppression? Did MLK own guns? Does violence accomplish anything? WHAT DO WE DO?!? Paul Engler (center for the working poor, author: This is an Uprising) joins us along with comedians Eddie Pepitone, Nato Green, Solomon Georgio and a song by Drennon Davis. (note: this is a "long lost" episode recorded at SF Sketchfest on the day of the woman's march)

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Comedy! Kliph Nesteroff joins the show to discuss the history of comedy in a really amazing and hilarious chat. They discuss Don Rickles, Milton Beryl's dick and the Social Justice Warrior known as Groucho Marx. Jeff Ross, Al Madrigal and Natasha Leggero join the discussion!

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This month Nick Thune, Sara Schafer and Kurt Metzger join Dr. Pete Rollins to discuss the oxymoron that is Christian Atheism? What is it? No idea. But its an intellectual spiritual acid trip. See if you can keep up. People cried in the audience perhaps you will too , you big baby.

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This month Nick Thune, Sara Schafer and Kurt Metzger join Dr. Pete Rollins to discuss the oxymoron that is Christian Atheism? What is it? No idea. But its an intellectual spiritual acid trip. See if you can keep up. People cried in the audience perhaps you will too , you big baby.

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SEX AND THE OCCULT! Porn,orgasm, god and mysticism. We discuss it all with Conner Habib (porn star, sex worker, college lecturer, check out his March 12th webinar on the occult at connerhabib.com) along with comedians Mike Lawrence, Sam Jay and Brent Weinbach.

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Is civilization worth it? Are the advances brought about by society offset by the misery it created? Are hunter/gatherers really happier? Would you give up hip hop and texting if you had a little more peace of mind? Would we be better off without civilization? Chris Ryan (Sex at Dawn) thinks so. Comic guests: Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley), Claudia O'Doherty (LOVE), and Natasha Leggero (Another Period, Moshe's wife) aren't so sure. This episode is as funny as things can be. Hunter/gather yourself some laughs.

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It always hurts to get savaged by a force you don't understand. What the hell is the electoral college and why does it exist?  Is it an needed component of our complex republic or a relic from times gone by? Helping us muddle through this is Dr. David Henkin, History Professor at UC Berkeley and Author of several books including , "Becoming America" where he discusses the EC at length. Comedic guests are: James Adomian, Baron Vaughn, and Dave Anthony.

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Live at the SF outside lands festival- The sexist topic of all! Sex itself! Fillmore Slim is a legendary pimp who has been in the game for more than 50 years. Long enough for the game to have become kind of a weird topic to brag about. Predictably this episode is awesome and also problematic. With John Mulaney, Kaseem Bentley and Natasha Leggero.

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Today everyone attempts to forget the animal in us all and focus on the animals beneath the floorboards! Who are rats? How do they think? Why do pigeons cuck their little heads when they walk? How do animals think? Also they talk Paleo! Please enjoy! With comics: Jon Daly, Nikki Glaser and out animal brain expert from UCLA's Cognative Psychology Dept, Dr. Aaron Blaisdell.

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Join Hound Tall on a walk down the fractal path of psychedelic drugs. This episode is all about tripping. It gets, predictably, weird as fuck. Dr. Cole Marta discusses PTSD treatment using MDMA as a medicine. Comics include Shane Mauss (see his "good trip" tour in a city near you RIGHT NOW! www.shanemauss.com), Beth Stelling and Byron Bowers. Please donate to the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (www.maps.org) who are on the front line of stigmatizing psychedelics for PTSD treatment and other uses. As you will hear, it's important work.

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This month they discuss that most Hollywood of religious groups; Scientology! Recorded across the street from the Sci-ti celebrity center! They are brave. With expert, investigative journalist Mark Ebner and comics Howard Kremer, Colton Dunn and Emily Heller.

These views do not directly reflect the views Nerdist Industries and Legendary Entertainment

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We discuss the force is the lead to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union we find some laughs along the way and we mostly make fun of Polish people. Joining us are Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Michael Hiltzick and Greg Proops, Lynn Ferguson and Matt Kirshen!

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This month is a bit of a scary talk about the future of drought and water. It's not looking good folks. Take away message? Buy land in Washington. Joining us to talk the thirsty future is Professor Jay Famiglietti, hydrologist, and the Senior Water Scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. Comics Paul Scheer and Jared Logan provide laughter. What else can you do but laugh?

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Hound Tall's first concept episode! The top 5 (or is it 6?) science stories of the week. The week which took place a month ago. Don't try to understand it, just enjoy it. Know that they discuss penis transplant surgery... With the Expert, Science Journalist Cara Santa Maria and comedians: Kate Berlant, Matt Braunger and Max Silvestri.


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We go sports for the first time ever on Hound Tall but don't be scared, it's funny and fascinating. The history of the sport, steroids, and how Hispanics learned to love the Dodgers. With sports writer and podcaster, Jonah Keri and comics/baseball nuts Jacob Sirof, Sarah Tiana, Dave Anthony and Sean O'Connor. It's a fun night out at the ol' ball game!

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Raves and the History of Electronic Music featuring Sunshine Jones of Dubtribe Sound System and comics : Ari Shaffir (This is not Happening), Phoebe Robinson (Two Dope Queens) and Chris Cubas (@midnight) with special guests Drennon Davis and DJ Real. This one is really special. A magical talk about the history of dance music and rave culture along with the origin story of Moshe's name. They trace dance music's disco childhood and ecstasy addled adolescence all the way to it's current dubstep old age. Which Moshe invented. Wait for it, it will make sense later. PLUR to all listeners.

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Hound Tall is releasing a bit early this month to ensure that our Black History Month episode comes out during...Black History Month! This is a great, at time challenging conversation but they make just enough stupid jokes to diffuse all racial tension that has ever existed in america and to solve racism altogether! Seriously, it's over! Give to the United Negro College fund! This conversation on blackness is led by Professor Marne Campbell from Layola Marymount Unuversity and comics: David Alan Grier, Ian Edward and Naomi Ekperigen. Listen and learn. All power to the people.

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In an example of perfect timing we're talking all about women in political elections. Can Hillary win? Why do we doubt her? Are we all sexist? Are cowboy boots feminine? Professor Meredith Conroy and comedians Jen Kirkman and Cameron Esposito join on a slightly inflammatory journey. It's an amazing talk.

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The episode ends not with a bang but with a whimper. Or maybe a slur. Not racial but drunken. Basically people are funny as hell but also somewhat drunk on this episode. TehyWe discuss fringe religion and cults. Sort of. It's very funny. See if you can identify which audience member Al almost got into a fight with after the show. Comics this month: Joe Mande, Kurt Braunohler, Al Madrigal, Darcy Michael and our expert: professor Veronique Tomaszewski. They talk aliens, reincarnated Anne Frank and other weird shit.

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THE GAY NORMAL: What happens to a young gay person when they are born in the burbs? What happens to an old Gay person when they can't afford the big city anymore? What kind of TV do boring gay people watch? All this and even an almost emotional moment. Great conversation. With Expert : Professor Karen Tongson from USC and comedic guests: Guy Branum, Erin Foley and James Adomian.

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DINOSAURS! Our great obsession with the great lizards. We discuss dinos, bone licking, and dino boning. With Brian Swietk author of "My Beloved Brontosaurus" and comedians: Ron Funches, Brendon Walsh and Dan Telfer.

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Burning Man! What is it? Why does it exist? Does it even matter? Why do people love it and hate it so much? We discuss it's history and it's mystery. With Brian Doherty, author of This Is Burning Man. And comedians, Natasha Leggero, Brent Weinbach and Matt Kirshen. It's a great episode. Also we find out how Moshe invented electronic dance music.

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Fame! The obsession with the meaningless! We discuss the historical origins of fame and it's modern iterations. This discussion spans from Alexander the Great to Kim Kardashian. Comedian guests: Gabe Leidman, Joe Mande and Jenny Slate. Expert : USC Professor Leo Braudy author of The Frenzy Of Renown.

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Dr. Joe Schwarcz, last years "Skeptic of the Year" and pseudo science debunker joins Moshe, Fortune Feimster, Jen Kirkman and Reggie Watts on a live from Montreal's Just For Laughs sold out recording. We discuss pseudo science, gluten intolerance, anti vaxxers and the weird sexual repression of the guy who invented Corn Flakes.

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A jaunt through the history of performance magic! With legendary mentalist Max Maven, and comedians: Brent Weinbach, Sarah Schaefer and Derek Hughes. Fun, illusion, pork and secrets!

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Extreme Entomology and the Amazon with Phil Torres, entomologist, host of TechKnow and science adventurer! Underneath your feet, in your bed, on your body live the creepy crawly things of nightmares. We are gonna talk about them, laugh at them and maybe eat them. With comedian guests Kyle Kinane and Nicole Byer.

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THE HISTORY OF HIP HOP! Live from The Cynicave @ Lost Weekend Video in SF. Apologies for any audio wonkiness! This incredibly interesting and super duper funny ep. takes us through the history of the most important musical movement of the last 30 years. From its roots in Jamacian dub all the way to today's top 40 stuff. Expert Jeff Chang , author of Can't Stop Won't Stop guides us and comedians Natasha Leggero, W. Kamau Bell and Kaseem Bentley are very funny about it.

Direct download: HT9_History_of_Hip_Hop.mp3
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Live at this year's SF Sketchfest, it's a discussion on the dark history of San Francisco. From it's inception to the gold rush, to the hippies, to the gay movement, San Francisco has always been weird and at one point was so horrible, it's a wonder anyone lives there. They literally go from the founding of SF to modern gentrification in about an hour. It's so much fun. With San Francisco Historian, Chris Carlsson (foundsf.org) and comedians Emily Heller, Jay Chandrasekhar and Rory Scovel. Plus a live theme song performance along with an original song by Drennon Davis and Nick Stargu. ENJOY!

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Black Holes, and The Arrow of Time with renowned physicist Dr. Sean Carroll, and comedians Pete Holmes and Joe DeRosa!

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This month we talk about being gay, the history of Homosexuality, why and how it exists and why Gay people are so dang cool with Dr. Winston Wilde. Also we introduce the Hound Tall Giving Initiative. With Guy Branum, Rhea Butcher and Brent Sullivan.

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History professor Thaddeus Russell joins comedians Greg Proops and Matt Kirshen to discuss "Renegade History", the history of the united states as it has been shaped by the fringes of society. Gays, Blacks, Jews, Drunks, you know, the best kind of people...

Direct download: HT5_Renegade_History_with_Thaddeus_Russell_Greg_Proops_and_Matt_Kirshen.mp3
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Reknowned religuous studies scholar and author of the book Zealot, Reza Aslan joins Moshe, Maz Jobrani and Ian Karmel as we delve into Islamophobia, Jesus and pretending to be Mexican. It's almost important!

Direct download: HT4_Being_Brown_in_America_with_Reza_Aslan_Maz_Jobrani_and_Ian_Karmel.mp3
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This installment of the Hound Tall Discussion Series is brought to you by DEATH!! That scary specter clicking its bony fingers together, waiting for us all. This months expert is Catlin Doughty mortician, crematorium techincian and author of the new book Smoke Gets in Your Eyes a memoir about her experience in the crematory trenches and advocating for death acceptance. Comedian guests are Kumail Nanjiani (HBO's Silicon Valley) and Chelsea Peretti (Fox's Brooklyn 99). Its a hilarious and often disturbing look at our own mortality!

Direct download: HT3_Death_with_Catlin_Doughty_Kumail_Nanjiani_and_Chelsea_Peretti.mp3
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You guys did so good at listening and subscribing and stuff that we decided to drop another episode TWO WEEKS EARLY!! Expert Christopher Ryan (author of the best seller Sex At Dawn) joins us to discuss Polyamory, its roots in our primate ancestors and the shape of a monkey penis. Comedians Nick Kroll and Nikki Glaser join the panel as well and we rate each other's jokes, make sexually crude comments and find out who has played cum on the cracker. It's a hilarious, fascinating episode!

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For the inaugural episode of Hound Tall, Moshe and guests Pete Holmes and Beth Stelling discuss life in the harmen of the Sultan of Brunei with expert,  Jillian Lauren (Author of Some Girls, My Life In A Harem). It get creepy and sexy.

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